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What Other Companies Can Learn From Uber’s Evolving Advertising Model

What Other Companies Can Learn From Uber’s Evolving Advertising Model
7 Dicembre 2022 admin

So let’s view what factors can affect the price before getting to the final cost of building an app like Uber. The heat map is another feature that greatly simplifies the work of a driver. One more advanced feature that’s worth consideration in case you’re thinking over different strategies on how to build an Uber app. It allows users to split the cost of the ride with companions traveling with them. This is an advanced feature that was introduced by Uber a couple of years ago.

creating an app like uber

Today, over 5,500 cars are using the system, and their number is growing. When discovering how to make an app like Uber, you need to decide how many apps you are going to launch. You can start with a single app for iOS and Android that will help you test your idea and continue by adding the support of the other platform. It is also possible to develop two applications alongside each other to cover a larger part of your target audience. There are a lot of factors that can influence the development process.


A payment method’s integration should be performed with due care to ensure the safety of the user’s financial data. For credit card data processing, the payment system should meet PCI compliance. Alternatively, you could opt for payment gateway providers that offer PCI compliance solutions such as Braintree or Stripe. In a nutshell, what these stats indicate is a shift in the way people are moving around places. The rising population continues to eat away the open spaces in urban cities. With worsening traffic conditions and parking spaces going full in no time, more and more car owners are turning to on-demand taxi services for convenient travel.

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Likewise, in the rider’s app, it starts with registration, search options, booking flow, estimated payment calculation, and the payment process. Building an on-demand Uber-like app costs between $ $4500 in the market. A very beneficial fact in this situation is that there will be no difference in the quality, if one chooses an experienced offshore software development team. The service helps to create a Uber-like app concept with the greatest potential outcome based on a market and competitor analysis. Further, a Business analyst together with a System architect prepares a functional specification document featuring the necessary functionality to create an app like Uber.

Technology Tips

Google Maps power routes and directions in the Android version of the app. Uber was founded back in 2009, and today, it has operations in over 900 metropolitan areas of the world. You might’ve heard the term “Uberisation.” This term is derived from transport services providing app Uber. What’s surprising though is that Uber still hasn’t covered every country on the globe. For instance, it’s not represented in Brunei, Malta, Iceland, Cyprus and Luxembourg for different reasons. That’s evidence enough, that the service has some roadblocks and the first business to find a way across them can expect huge rewards.

creating an app like uber

In order to know the distance and run the routes, the routing server is needed. So from the moment customers launch the app until they get dropped off, Uber’s routing engines work hard. Ensure that your business model is fulfilling your target audience’s demands and start working on your project. Moreover, the best way to constantly improve your app is by understanding user’s feedback and adjusting accordingly to it in the long-run. Now that you know all the ins and outs of developing your app, let’s start discussing the app’s creation method, technology stack, and functionalities and tools. Integrating an SMS notification feature will help you go beyond the basic functionality of providing information to your users.

Benefits of creating a taxi booking app

To explore uber like app development in detail, you need to delve a little deeper and begin from the very beginning. On the similar lines of taxi booking app like Uber, you can develop on demand restaurant booking app, catering app, grocery app, or a delivery create an app like uber app. When building an app like Uber, this important feature will allow customers to sign up and create a profile on your app. A seamless and easy-to-use registration and interface will entice customers to continue using the app after signing up.

Similarly, complex features with multiple moving parts include messaging and rider recommendations, push notifications and SMS, as well as digital payment integrations. These multifaceted features all require sizable bespoke engineering. Before diving into the development process, pre-development costs are incurred. These costs include market research, feasibility studies, identifying business objectives, and assembling the right development team. Depending on the project’s complexity, pre-development costs typically range from $10,000 to $50,000.

What Makes Uber So Effective?

Payment gateway integration is one feature that needs to be included in apps like Uber. Such apps should use a pay-off payment card mechanism to reduce human mistakes. It is vital to adhere to specific criteria and national policies for securely processing sensitive data to move forward with payment integration. As a point of reference, the US has PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

creating an app like uber

Uber currently operates in 84 countries and over 800 cities providing a 24-hour-per-day on-demand connection between riders and drivers through the Android and iOS app. Both parties are aware of each other’s location and concerns over the car arrival time are no longer topical. Uber has captured a great share of the market with it’s smooth app-user interaction, great marketing campaigns, and rare error reports.

Features Aligned with Technologies

To accommodate payment inquiries, Uber has a price estimator feature. The Uber app also has a highly robust backend that is key to the functionality of both these apps. Given the high volume the app experiences, it would not function without an effective admin panel. The next level build-up from the Marketplace was Uber’s web and mobile sides, and with it came completely different requirements. While similar technologies from the first tech stack and Marketplace were used by Uber’s engineers, a lot of the tech required at the top of the platform was unique.

  • Also, to keep the process of registration and profile completion swift – we recommend you give your audience the option of signing in via social media or email.
  • Once you’ve successfully developed your MVP and acquired your first customers, there won’t be any time to stop and celebrate with a bottle of Crystal somewhere in the Maldives.
  • Approximately, to create an MVP of your Uber-like app for drivers will cost $15,650 for one platform and $31,300 for two.
  • Contact JumpGrowth to cut your engineering hours and avail a pocket-friendly solution tailored to your needs.
  • When you want to develop an app like Uber, it’s essential to understand the critical components used to create an app.

The convenience and speed that comes with on-demand service providers ensure that there is no dearth of customers for such businesses. Not only is the Uber for X solution user-friendly, but it will also help you in managing your employees efficiently and streamlining your business activities. The complexity, features, and platform specifics you choose to go with will affect the overall development cost. Developing a feature-rich app like Uber can be difficult because of the technical complexities. But, with the top mobile app developers from an IT outsourcing company like ours, you can ensure that your app is scalable and compatible across all mobile devices. It noticed a common pain point, developed a solution to address it, and in doing so, completely revolutionized the way people looked at taxi-booking as a service.

How Many Apps Do You Really Need?

To gain a better understanding, let us delve into the breakdown of pricing for an Uber-like app. Uber focused on providing a superior customer experience by addressing pain points in traditional taxi services. Features like upfront pricing, cashless transactions, and real-time tracking resonated with customers, leading to widespread adoption. Uber leveraged technology to disrupt an industry that had remained largely unchanged for decades. The convenience and ease of use offered by its app-based platform revolutionized the way people accessed transportation services. Uber pursued an aggressive expansion strategy, rapidly entering new markets around the world.

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