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Cloud-based Automation using Selenium in Python and BrowserStack

Cloud-based Automation using Selenium in Python and BrowserStack
7 Gennaio 2022 admin

Now that you are all set with a LambdaTest account, it is time to execute cross browser testing in Selenium. For now, let us look into a Python example that demonstrates Selenium testing on the cloud using remote Selenium Grid on LambdaTest. The most economical & productive way to get this done is by implementing cloud-based automated browser testing or Selenium testing to be more precise. Allow me to dive deep into the importance of cross browser testing in Selenium. Building large-scale web applications take a monumental effort.

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Build vs Buy is a common question when deciding whether to opt for an in-house infrastructure or a cloud-based online solution. When you are looking for wider test coverage, then opting for a Cloud Selenium Grid online is a feasible option. With solutions like BrowserStack you get access to 3000+ real device and browser combinations. It allows you to run tests on different browser-device combinations simultaneously with parallel testing. When looking for a faster, feasible, and cost-effective testing solution for cross browser testing at scale, online Selenium Grid is the apt choice. All Selenium tests must be run on real devices for accurate results.

Verizon Media accelerates millions of tests monthly with Sauce Labs

A Selenium Cloud is basically a Selenium Grid configured on cloud servers. The Selenium Grid connects to a range of browsers and real devices with different operating systems which are configured and made available 24×7 on-demand. This makes it possible for QA teams to automate tests by executing several test scripts simultaneously on multiple device-browser combinations on the cloud using parallel testing.

During these years thousands of teams were happy with Selenium infrastructure tools we created as everything we deliver can be deployed in 5 minutes and has zero effort maintenance. So if in your company you are already using some cloud solution for testing in browsers or just planning to use it — this article is for you. Selenium is a library that enables the automation of web browsers. WebDriver uses browser automation APIs to control the browser and run tests. This would mean the browser would work in the same way as when it is used by a real user. You can use these features to automate most of your boring stuff online, for example, applying to multiple jobs on LinkedIn and AngelList.

Can I use Selenium WebDriver with Google Cloud Functions?

There are multiple reasons to shift all automated testing to a cloud Selenium grid. By adopting a cloud-based testing approach, QAs can get rid of infrastructure overheads and focus on writing accurate test scripts. Most importantly, teams will be able to easily test web-apps on extensive real devices and browsers (including all browser versions) across multiple operating systems. This means teams do not have to wonder how their software will work in the real world.

  • It has helped us identify browser specific problems and increase developer feedback time by 400% and increase efficiency by 100%.
  • You can’t get rid of clients that need ie11 nor can you own every device but lambda test bridge that gap.
  • Add BrowserStack to your build pipeline using our CI plugins.
  • Building large-scale web applications take a monumental effort.
  • It eliminates any need for creating and maintaining in-house device labs or personal Selenium Grids.
  • Tests run securely on tamper-proof physical devices and desktop VMs, wiped clean of data after every session.

Optimizely scaled its automation testing by moving from an on-premise grid to our cloud infrastructure. If a program runs in the cloud it still selenium cloud runs on some kind of server (e.g. a virtual machine, a docker container). So you have to install chromedriver on this server in the cloud.

Use Selenium Grid With Perfecto

Testing the quality of these applications requires a whole other level of dedication. From a developer’s vantage point, the focus is on improving the feature set, speeding up the overall performance, and building a scalable product. As far as QA is concerned, a lot of focus is on usability testing and compatibility testing while testing a website or web application. Developers who want to test desktop and mobile apps will have to look elsewhere, as Selenium specializes in web application testing.

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Run your Playwright tests online in parallel, over powerful hardware, in an environment that scales effortlessly. By using LambdaTest, the team was able to execute up to 200 tests concurrently through parallel testing. Test suites that used to take 60 minutes now take not more than 5 minutes. Test on physical iOS and Android mobile devices, or iOS simulators and Android emulators. Test your website functionality and UI on various mobile devices and versions, with geolocation support.

Cypress: Remote Tests Execution Made Simple

Expand browser test coverage of Selenium IDE tests effortlessly by using LambdaTest’s cloud-based Selenium Grid of 3000+ real browser, devices and operating systems. Leverage parallel testing to significantly hasten your test cycles. While you can enjoy Selenium at no cost, you will probably incur some expenses when implementing and maintaining the tool to serve your automated testing needs. Since Selenium is complex for some, you may have to spend time and money learning how to use it properly, or you may have to pay someone else to help with training and support.

selenium cloud

The maintenance includes configuring servers, maintaining desktops, and continually adding updated mobile devices. For organizations that don’t have sufficient resources for maintenance, a cloud solution is highly valuable. Using LambdaTest cross browser automation on the cloud has allowed Emburse to reduce test execution time up to 20% and achieve better code quality. Harness our Selenium Grid Online to start testing instantly on 3000+ real mobile devices and desktop browsers.

What’s Inside Traditional Cloud Platform

The more the number of concurrent sessions, the lesser will be the execution time. For the demonstration of Selenium testing on the cloud, we have made use of the unittest framework (in Python) along with the Selenium test suite. The execution is done by invoking the python command from the terminal. The browser and platform capabilities are generated using the LambdaTest Capabilities Generator.

He currently works as the ‘Lead Developer Evangelist’ and ‘Senior Manager [Technical Content Marketing]’ at LambdaTest. For Parallel execution, both the files [one for testing on Chrome and other for testing on IE] are invoked from the terminal at the same point. You can check this automation test’s status on this page by navigating to the corresponding Test ID & Build ID.

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Cypress is an open-source, JavaScript-based test automation platform known for being user-friendly, fast, and having a supportive community. Selenium alternative is ideal for dealing with modern web applications, especially single-page applications. Cypress supports end-to-end testing and unit testing and offers real-time reloading. Selenium refers to a suite of tools that are widely used in the testing community when it comes to cross-browser testing. Selenium cannot automate desktop applications; it can only be used in browsers.

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