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eHarmony Responds to Marriage Numbers Article

eHarmony Responds to Marriage Numbers Article
23 Aprile 2023 admin

I am glad observe eHarmony reacting within their recognized blog to a write-up called “Marriage-Maker states tend to be Tied in Knots ” from Wall Street diary. The WSJ post examines a few of the marriage stats circulated by online dating sites like eHarmony along with the methodology accustomed determine these types of data. We talked some about any of it subject besides, a few weeks ago as soon as the initial WSJ article was posted (see Story).

The WSJ article did not check out kindly on the stats released by dating sites, and website for gay the many part I concur with the writer. Individuals ought to know just how these research are created. Of all the internet dating sites pointed out for the WSJ post, “eHarmony shines as among the more cautious ones”. It is not exactly a glowing report for eHarmony therefore, they decided to post a response on the blog.

Inside the eHarmony post each goes into further details on how they calculated that their own dating internet site had been accountable for 2percent of marriages in the usa, through the 12-month period ending March 2007. Almost all of the info we currently realized about from a previously released PDF file called “eHarmony | Harris Interactive 2007 wedding Metrics quantity of eHarmony Marriages” (see tale), nevertheless the article does cleanse some more details. Just what this web site article really does program is, eHarmony is wanting becoming as available and transparent making use of their research results as possible. I do believe the name “start Communication” may undoubtedly end up being your best option for recognized eHarmony blog.

Right here is the complete eHarmony response to the Wall Street Journal how they determine their matrimony research. For further details about this dating internet site, browse the report about eHarmony.